The Chertoff Mural

Maurice Sendak

Given by Nina and Larry Chertoff in loving memory of Roslyn and Lionel Chertoff and Eugene Glynn.

Maurice Sendak painted this mural on the wall of his friends’ New York apartment, completing it in 1961. The leader of the procession is Sendak’s own dog, Jennie, who had already appeared in his books Kenny’s Window (1956) and What Do You Say, Dear? (1958); she would later turn up as Max’s dog in Where the Wild Things Are (1963) in a nearly identical pose. The parade of Sendakian figures continues with a girl who resembles Rosie—the dramatic title character from The Sign on Rosie’s Door (1960)and Sendak’s future TV special Really Rosie (1975)—as well as a bear who seems to spring from the pages of the Little Bear Series, which Sendak illustrated for Else Holmelund Minarik. This collection of past and future Sendakian characters is the only surviving mural by Maurice Sendak.

The conservation, installation, and interpretation of the Chertoff Mural is made possible by the William B. Dietrich Foundation, the Connelly Foundation, the McLean Contributionship, and contributions from scores of individuals just like you.

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