Bloomsday 2011 Readers List

Time Reader or Singer Affiliation Episode or Song

12:00 Judith Guston Curator and Director of Collections, Rosenbach Museum & Library The Odyssey

Michelle Johnson & Eric Dubin La Ci Darem

12:10 H. E. Michael Collins & Mrs. Marie Collins Ambassador of Ireland to the United States Telemachus

12:15 Mike Barsanti Senior Program Specialist, Phila. Cultural Mgmt. Initiative, Pew Center  Telemachus

12:20 Lenni Steiner & Vice Chairman, Rosenbach Board of Trustees; Bloomsday Chair Telemachus

12:20 Perry Lerner Crown Consumer Brands Telemachus

Noah Van Niel Jokin’ Jesus

12:25 Carol Lerner 2011 Graduate, Rosenbach Ulysses Course Nestor

12:30 Jamie O’Neill Author, At Swim, Two Boys Nestor

12:35 Jim Cotter Journalist, “Creatively Speaking” on WRTI-FM Proteus

Michelle Johnson Who Goes With Fergus

12:40 Bill McLaughlin Founder and Chairman, Irish American Business Chamber & Network Proteus

12:45 Rick Nichols Food Writer, Philadelphia Inquirer Calypso

12:50 Sara C. Wilson 2011 Graduate, Rosenbach Ulysses Course Calypso

12:55 Josh Levitas & Robert Berry Artists , Ulysses “Seen” Calypso

1:00 Elizabeth Thorpe 2011 Graduate, Rosenbach Ulysses Course Calypso

Eric Dubin Seaside Girls

1:05 Anne Hall Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania Lotus Eaters

1:10 Carolyn Langfitt Co-Founder of Bloomsday at the Rosenbach Lotus Eaters

1:15 John McCarthy McCarthy Law Office, Princeton, NJ Lotus Eaters

1:20 Joe McGeary Teacher, Germantown Friends School Hades

1:25 Bob Curley 2011 Graduate, Rosenbach Ulysses Course Hades

1:30 Al Hirsig Citizen Aeolus

1:35 Josh Silver 2011 Graduate, Rosenbach Ulysses Course Aeolus

1:40 Kevin Pawley JK Associates Lestrygonians

1:45 Gregory Moore Principal, Moore Brothers Wine Company Lestrygonians

1:50 Sharon Pinkenson Director, Greater Philadelphia Film Office Scylla and Charybdis

1:55 James Claiborne Member Relations Manager, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Scylla and Charybdis

2:00 Derek Gillman Executive Director and President, Barnes Foundation Scylla and Charybdis

2:05 Ed Hermance Owner, Giovanni’s Room Scylla and Charybdis

2:10 Karen E. Schoenewaldt Registrar, Rosenbach Museum & Library Scylla and Charybdis

2:15 Mark Ball Founder, Ulysses Reading Group at the Quadrangle Wandering Rocks

2:20 Michael Nutter Mayor of Philadelphia Wandering Rocks

2:25 Jack Lawler Friend of the Rosenbach Wandering Rocks

Ed Lawler My Girl’s a Yorkshire Girl

2:30 Marty Moss-Coane Host and Producer, “Radio Times,” WHYY 90.9 FM Sirens

2:35 Sondra Bergey Friend of the Rosenbach Sirens

2:40 Mary Kate Doman 2011 Graduate, Rosenbach Ulysses Course Sirens

Noah Van Niel The Bloom is on the Rye

2:45 Leopold Bloom Everyman Sirens

2:50 Susan Muller Chairman, Rosenbach Museum & Library Sirens

2:55 Emilie Parker Hirsig Family Director of Education, Rosenbach Museum & Library Sirens

3:00 Farrar Fitzgerald The Sunstein Family Assistant Director of Education Sirens

Noah Van Niel  M’Appari

3:05 Hon. Babette Josephs State Representative for the 182nd Legislative District of Pennsylvania Sirens

Ed Lawler The Croppy Boy

3:10 Susan Sklaroff President, Docent Council, Rosenbach Museum & Library Sirens

3:15 Siobhan Reardon President, Free Library of Philadelphia Sirens

Michelle Johnson The Last Rose of Summer

3:20 Bill George 2011 Graduate, Rosenbach Ulysses Course Cyclops

3:25 Jim Averill Friend of the Rosenbach Cyclops

3:30 Martin Laufe & Marilyn Laufe 2011 Graduates, Rosenbach Ulysses Course Cyclops

Eric Dubin Sinn Fein Amain

3:35 Andrea Preis 2011 Graduate, Rosenbach Ulysses Course Cyclops

3:40 Ken Kalfus & Author, Thirst; Envy; A Disorder Peculiar to the Country Cyclops

3:40 Inga Saffron Architecture Critic, Philadelphia Inquirer Cyclops

3:45 Michael Toner Actor Cyclops

3:50 J anet Kaplan Program Director, Curatorial Studies, Moore College of Art & Design Nausicaa

3:55 Elizabeth Kozart 2011 Graduate, Rosenbach Ulysses Course Nausicaa

4:00 Amanda Bennett Bloomberg News Nausicaa

4:05 Wendy Warren Editor, Nausicaa

4:10 Tara Prescott 2011 Graduate, Rosenbach Ulysses Course Nausicaa

Noah Van Niel & Michelle Johnson The Moon Hath Rais’d

4:15 Donald Kimelman Managing Director, Information Initiatives and the Philadelphia Program, Pew Charitable Trusts Nausicaa

4:20 Robert Friedman Cozen O’Connor Law Offices, Philadelphia Nausicaa

4:25 Leopold Bloom Everyman Oxen of the Sun

4:30 Ming Cai Intern, Rosenbach Museum & Library Oxen of the Sun

Lawler, Van Niel, Dubin God Save Ireland

4:35 Patrick Rodgers Traveling Exhibitions Curator, Rosenbach Museum & Library Oxen of the Sun

4:40 Andy Borson 2011 Graduate, Rosenbach Ulysses Course Circe

4:45 Michael Naidoff Friend of the Rosenbach Circe

4:50 Leopold Bloom Everyman Circe

4:55 Christina Deemer Director of Development, Rosenbach Museum & Library Circe

4:50 Michael Scullin Honorary Consul of France in Philadelphia Circe

5:05 Karen Heller Columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer Circe

Ed Lawler My Girl’s A Yorkshire Girl

5:10 Frances Baylson & OB/GYN, Philadelphia Fertility Institute Circe

5:10 Michael Baylson Judge, US District Court, Eastern Pennsylvania Circe

5:15 Dito van Reigersberg Founder and Co-Artistic Director, Pig Iron Theatre Company Circe

5:20 Thom Nickels Author, The Boy on the Bicycle Circe

5:25 Charlie Strong Citizen and Man of Letters Eumaeus

5:30 Arthur Spector Vice Chairman, Rosenbach Board of Trustees Eumaeus

5:35 Chris Satullo Executive Director of News and Civic Dialogue, WHYY 90.9 FM Eumaeus

5:40 Myron Bloom Managing Director, Executive Sounding Board Assistants, Inc. Eumaeus

5:45 David Dye Radio Host, “World Café,” WXPN 88.5 FM Eumaeus

Noah Van Niel Von der Sirenen Listigkeit

5:50  Rebecca Goldner Friend of the Rosenbach Ithaca

5:55 Derick Dreher Director, Rosenbach Museum & Library Ithaca

Eric Dubin Hatikvah

6:00 Jay Robert Stiefel Friend of the Rosenbach Ithaca

Ed Lawler Little Harry Hughes

6:05 Melanie Micir & Lance Wahlert Bloomsday Coordinators Ithaca

6:10 Nathalie F. Anderson Poet; Professor of English, Swarthmore College Ithaca

6:15 Wesley Stace Singer-songwriter (John Wesley Harding) and Author Ithaca

6:20 Karen Saillant Founder and Director, International Opera Company Ithaca

6:25 David Simpson & Daniel Simpso Poets Ithaca

6:30 Drucie McDaniel Actor, Artistic Director, Philadelphia Theatre Caravan Penelope

Michelle Johnson Love’s Old Sweet Song